Environmental Communication (M.a.)              Geological & Environmental Sciences (B.S.)    Stanford ('17, '17)

     I love rocks. I also love sharing my love for rocks with the people around me.    I am fascinated by the biology, chemistry and physics that you can learn by picking up a rock. 

I believe that through concrete experience everyone can be inspired to care for our planet.

Photo: Tyler McIntosh

Photo: Tyler McIntosh

Environmental communication

I am interested in how people connect to the environment around them and specifically wilderness and wild spaces.

In my studies I focus on education as a method of environmental communication and advocacy. This includes classes taken with Professor Nicole Ardoin and practical experience as a docent at Hidden Villa.

The course also includes classes in journalism, photography and videography which I enjoy as an opportunity to expand my skills in those areas! 


Geological and Environmental Sciences

At Stanford the Geology department is very small which meant that there were many amazing opportunities to interact with faculty and have a personal education. 

The courses I found most inspirational were the field mapping courses, taught in the White Mountains, CA, and the structural geology and petrology courses.

I was able to complete a childhood dream of studying volcanoes both in the classroom and through independent study with Professor Gail Mahood.

Photo: Tom Benson

Photo: Tom Benson

Research Experience

As a freshman I joined the Mahood volcanology research group. I was hooked by spending three weeks in SE Oregon hunting for the remains of 16 million year old supervolcano calderas with PhD student Tom Benson and fellow undergraduate Maxine Luckett.

The following summer I returned as a field assistant for Tom and received a School of Earth Sciences Undergraduate Research Grant to work with Jake Lowenstern at the USGS on the calibration of an infrared spectrometer.

As a capstone project I mapped Blue Mountain Basin 7.5’ quadrangle, Harney County, OR, as part of an EDMAP grant (2015), and I collected samples for geochemical and geochronological analysis.